Hand-made Fingerless Crocheted Gloves

Hand-made Fingerless Crocheted Gloves

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These hand-made finger-less gloves are worn by the Sisters for day to day tasks, thicker ones in the winter, lighter ones in the summer. These gloves complete our wardrobes in a way that reminds us to keep our hearts connected to our ancient mothers, to their hearts and wisdom, to walk in a manner that would make them proud. The gloves decorate the hands of the women and acknowledge the hard work and magnificent creations that have come from their toiling. They come in white, black, and beige. Styles vary slightly. We reserve the right to substitute colors or slight style variations, although we do our best to fill the orders as requested. This is a new product for us; we are responding to the requests from our customers. We are very happy so many women wish to wear them, in solidarity with, salute to, the working hands of women. Made under the Trader's Moon, November, 2016  

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