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Clary Sage Spray


The Sisters developed their own Clary sage spray as a sort of travel version of the smudgestick.  “We can't always burn sage in hotels, so we use Clary Sage spray when we travel.”

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6 fl. oz.

The Sisters of the Valley make all their products by moon cycles, in a prayerful environment, sowing prayers into every item.

The aroma-therapeutic effects of the Clary sage makes it a practical replacement for burning incense and smudgesticks.

Uses include meditation spray, aura cleansing spray, relaxation spray, body spray (nature’s perfume), and in place of burning incense to cleanse the energies of the home or workplace.

Clary Sage Spray is a simple and effective tool for cleansing and purifying the atmosphere.

100% moon water infused with Clary sage.


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