White Sage Smudgestick


The Sisters use white sage / holy sage to make smudgesticks used for blessings, for cleansings, and for ceremonies.  Many ancient civilizations embraced the burning of white sage as a means of maintaining body and soul health in a household or at a gathering.  Used for protections blessings, with empowerment chants, and in all our ceremonies.  (Please remember to remove the ribbon before burning.)

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The sisters order our white sage from Pacific Botanicals in Oregon and the Shaman’s Market in Troy, Michigan.  We make the bundles with in a prayerful environment.   We use these to sage before, during, and after moon cycle rituals, as well as when we make our products, when we turn the tinctures, when we bottle and label.  From the beginning of recorded man, nearly all cultures have used sage to burn to cleanse and clear the energies.  Until now, we have only made the bundles for our own use, but folks have been requesting them and so we are making them, now, for our customers, as well.

Warning:  The ribbon that comes wrapped around the sage is decorative only and must be removed before burning the sage bundle.

100% white sage